Terms & Conditions


The use of www.missylox.com (“Site”) is governed by the terms and conditions outlined below (“Terms and Conditions”).

1.1 Missy Lox means CDY Trading Pty Limited ACN154906859 of Lot 4B, Wattle Road Ingleside in the State of New South Wales or otherwise the owners and operators of www.missylox.com from time to time (“Missy Lox”).
1.2 The use of the Site by you (“User”) in any way including but not limited to the following indicates an acceptance by you of the Terms and Conditions:
1.2.1 Browsing the Site’s contents.
1.2.2 Registering personal or business details with the Site.
1.2.3 Submitting a purchase order via the Site.
1.2.4 Selects items to be included in a shopping cart on the Site.


2.1 By registering your information on the Site you are granting Missy Lox the right to add your contact information to its database and mailing list. Missy Lox may contact you from time to time about promotional offers or products. Please refer to the Privacy Policy below.
2.2 You may remove your contact details from Missy Lox Online’s database by contacting Missy Lox via telephone on 1300 656 968 or at https://missylox.com/contact/ and requesting that you be removed from such a database.


3.1 The issuing of an electronic or hard copy purchase order or order confirmation does not amount to an acceptance of a User’s order or a confirmation of an offer to sell to the User by Missy Lox who has the discretion to cancel any order at any time for any reason.
3.2 With respect to any order canceled or otherwise not accepted by Missy Lox, Missy Lox will refund received monies via a payment method listed on the Site excluding any merchant fees or other fees payable according to these Terms and Conditions.
3.3 Missy Lox will not supply any items to a User until the User’s order has been pre-approved and payment has been made via an acceptable method of payment as listed on the Site.
3.4 Missy Lox may supply the User with a quantity less than the quantity ordered and may substitute like products or items with like products or items at its discretion without notice to the User and refund to the User any difference or shortfall.
3.5 The publishing of product information on the Site does not mean that that product is available for sale or in stock at the time an order is placed by the User.


4.1 Missy Lox is not liable for any losses or damage caused by the Site, any website linked to this Site, any use of this Site or any items or goods supplied by Missy Lox via the Site.
4.2 Missy Lox will make all reasonable attempts to resolve any issues with any refund due to a User via the contact details provided by the User on the Site but will not be liable for any failure to contact the User as a result of such details being inadequate.
4.3 Missy Lox is not liable or responsible for any content arising out of a website other than the Site or otherwise any content linked to the Site.
4.4 The User agrees to fully indemnify Missy Lox from any loss, claim, cost, demand, damage of otherwise (including solicitor-client costs) incurred by the User in relation to the Site, any website linked to the Site, any use of this Site or any items or goods supplied by Missy Lox via the Site or otherwise in connection with these Terms and Conditions.


5.1 All prices are provided in Australian Dollars and are subject to change without notice to the User.
5.2 Any additional government charges, merchant fees, and exchange fees are the responsibility of the User to pay and will be charged in addition to the price charged per item.
5.3 Any currency figures listed or applied in currency other than in Australian Dollars are only approximations based on exchange rates available to Missy Lox at the time of payment being processed.
5.4 Missy Lox is not responsible for any typographical errors resulting in the wrong price being charged for an item or good and reserves its right to modify or amend the price of an item without notice to the User, even after an order has been confirmed by Missy Lox.
5.5 Orders may be subject to checks by Missy Lox to ensure the validity of a User’s chosen payment method. Users may only pay for orders with payment methods listed on the Site at the time of payment subject to authorisation of such payment methods by Missy Lox. This may involve pre-authorisation checks on credit cards prior to an order being finalised and dispatched by Missy Lox.

1. 6. SALES Promotions

6.1 Missy Lox may from time to time offer sales promotions on the Site which may include discounts, specials, and codes (“Sales Promotion”).
6.2 Sales Promotions cannot be applied to orders which have already been placed by the User and are valid for the time specified for the Sales Promotions on the Site.
6.3 Users cannot combine or otherwise attempt to rely on more than one Sales Promotion for any one order unless specifically stated on the Site.
6.4 If items or goods are purchased pursuant to a Sales Promotion and subsequently returned or exchanged the User will only be granted a credit or refund to the value of the discounted item not the full retail value of the item.
6.5 Missy Lox may terminate, vary or amend a Sales Promotion at its absolute discretion without notice to the User.


7.1 Gift certificates or cards issued by Missy Lox will be subject to these terms and conditions and the terms and conditions printed on the gift certificate or card.
7.2 Gift certificates or cards may not be used in conjunction with any other Sales Promotions.


8.1 Shipping and delivery times provided by Missy Lox are estimates and are subject to change without notice to the User.
8.2 Missy Lox will not be liable for any delay, loss or damage connected with the delivery of items or goods from Missy Lox to the User.
8.3 The address details provided by the User to Missy Lox will be deemed correct at the time a User submits an order via the Site. Missy Lox is not liable for any loss arising out of and takes no responsibility for items delivered to incorrect addresses.
Australian Postage:
8.4 Missy Lox prides itself on its customers receiving their ordered items or goods as fast as possible.
8.5 Missy Lox attempts to process all orders within 24 hours of receipt of an order which has been accepted by Missy Lox, excluding public holidays and weekends.
8.6 Missy Lox will notify the User of any delays in the processing of orders due to items being out of stock or items being discontinued by Missy Lox’s suppliers.
8.7 Missy Lox uses Australia Post for all deliveries and issues items or goods to customers with insured express post where appropriate.
8.8 Delivery is free Australia wide for orders over $50.00 and can be expected to be received within 1-4 business days of an order being accepted and processed by Missy Lox.
International Postage:
8.9 The User is responsible for payment of all customs charges connected with any international delivery of items or goods from Missy Lox to the User.
8.10 Missy Lox will fill out customs forms and the items will be marked as ‘Merchandise’.
8.11 Missy Lox is not the User’s local customs office and cannot advise on any possible issues or unforeseeable costs associated with the delivery of any particular items or goods.


9.1 The User is responsible for inspecting the items or goods purchased and notifying Missy Lox via telephone or email within 50 calendar days of receiving the goods if there is a fault with the goods.


10.1 Missy Lox will only accommodate cancellations of orders if notified prior to orders being processed and items or goods being dispatched to the User. Missy Lox may charge a cancellation fee for any canceled orders.


11.1 Missy Lox offers a 50 calendar day money-back guarantee.
11.2 Missy Lox does not exchange, refund or accept the return of any items or goods which are not provided to Missy Lox in unused and undamaged condition in their original packaging within 100 days of delivery to the User. Soiled or mangled items or goods will not be accepted by Missy Lox.
11.3 The User must contact Missy Lox via telephone or email prior to returning any item to notify Missy Lox, what the nature of the return is and if it pertains to a fault what type of fault it may be.
11.4 The User must provide Missy Lox with a written note of why an item is being returned or refunded along with the item so that the refund or return may be processed as quickly as possible. The User must also provide Missy Lox with a reply-paid envelope when requesting that any item be exchanged so that Missy Lox can provide the User with a replacement item.
11.5 The User is responsible for all shipping and delivery charges arising out of connection with any refund or return. Missy Lox reserves the right to deduct any shipping charges incurred by it from any amounts of money refunded to the User.
11.6 Missy Lox will bear reasonable shipping costs for all items or goods which are defective to the point where they are unusable for their intended purpose within the first 50 calendar days of the items being delivered to the User.
11.7 Missy Lox is not liable for loss or damage to any item in connection with the return of the item from the User to Missy Lox and suggests that the User used registered and insured post when returning items to Missy Lox.
11.8 Missy Lox is not liable for any unsatisfactory results due to the installation/removal of Missy Lox hair products, including any potential (known/unknown) allergic reactions to the products. It is advisable to conduct a patch test first before applying the entire product.
11.9 Missy Lox is also not responsible for any additional cost incurred in the attempt to alter the hair extensions product in any way as this action is solely by the customer’s discretion.


12.1 Missy Lox does not manufacture the items which it sells. Any warranties offered in connection with any item marketed via the website which is not offered in these Terms and Conditions or otherwise offered expressly by Missy Lox is not a warranty offered by Missy Lox and it is the User’s responsibility to pursue its rights under any such warranties directly with the manufacturer of the item.


13.1 All materials appearing on the Site including photographs and text as well as the layout of such materials are the intellectual property of Missy Lox unless otherwise stated and cannot be used for any purpose other than for browsing the Site or purchasing items from Missy Lox. No part of the Site may be reproduced or used for any purpose other than with the written agreement of Missy Lox. Missy Lox reserves its rights to its intellectual property pursuant to the Australia copyright and intellectual property legislation.


14.1 Missy Lox may amend or vary the Terms and Conditions at any time without notice to the User.
14.2 The Terms and Conditions are not amended or waived by any inconsistent or additional terms or conditions included with any purchase order or receipt or otherwise subsequently provided to the User by Missy Lox.
14.3 The Terms and Conditions shall be construed and enforced in accordance with the laws from time to time in force in the State of New South Wales the User hereto hereby submits themselves to the jurisdiction of the courts of that State and of all courts to which appeals from such courts may be made.
14.4 Any provisions in the Terms and Conditions which is invalid or unenforceable in any jurisdiction is to be read down for the purposes of that jurisdiction, if possible, so as to be valid and enforceable, and is otherwise capable of being severed to the extent of the invalidity or unenforceability, without affecting the validity or enforceability of that provision in any other jurisdiction.
14.5 Missy Lox may terminate the Terms and Conditions at any time and for any reason without notice to the User.


15.1This privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) outlines:
15.1.1 What information Missy Lox gathers via the Site.
15.1.2 How Missy Lox gathers the information.
15.1.3 How Users can correct or change such information.
15.2 The Site contains links to third party sites and services that may collect data in connection with various commercial and non commercial activities. Missy Lox takes no responsibility for the privacy policies of the websites to which the Site links to or is otherwise connected to.
15.3 Missy Lox does not guarantee or warrant the security of any information the User transmits to it or the Site and the User does so at its own risk.
15.4 Missy Lox does not accept any responsibility or accept any liability for any loss arising out of or in connection with the gathering, storage or manipulation or otherwise of any of the User’s information via the Site or otherwise.
15.5 Missy Lox may collect User information through software tracking mechanisms which may store User information to allow Missy Lox to analyse what new services may be offered to Users or how services may be altered. Such information will be stored in such a way as to remove distinctly indentifying features of each individual User.
15.6 Missy Lox will not disclose any information about any User without the User’s consent except to the extent required for Missy Lox to comply with all necessary laws and regulations or otherwise ensure that orders or payments are properly processed.
15.7 Missy Lox may use User information collected via the Site or otherwise in order to send the User promotional material, newsletters, and details about competitions or surveys.
15.8 User information may also be used for processing of payments and to contact the User for customer service reasons, security or payment reasons as required.
15.9 Users may cancel their newsletter subscriptions by following the instructions or contacting Missy Lox in the manner outlined in the Terms and Conditions or otherwise on the Site.
15.10 Missy Lox is not responsible or liable for any loss of User information or loss arising out of such User information as a result of any security breach of the Site or other error or problem.
15.11 Missy Lox looks to improve upon this Privacy Policy on an ongoing basis and to ensure that it complies with the National Privacy Principles which can be viewed at http://www.privacy.gov.au.


16.1 Missy Lox is a responsible member of the online community and by using the Site the User agrees that they may only use the Site for the purpose of:
16.1.1 Placing an order with Missy Lox.
16.1.2 Obtaining information.
16.2 The User must not use the Site or otherwise upload or transmit information to the Site or to Missy Lox for any purpose not mandated by Missy Lox either in these Terms and Conditions or otherwise in writing and must not conduct themselves in a way which:
16.2.1 Is illegal, abusive, defamatory or obscene, distressing or otherwise not fitting of the conduct of a responsible member of the online community.
16.2.2 Violates or infringes the rights of others.