We had a company survey a handful of Missy Lox stockists and this is what they think about us…

“I pay $175 for a full head of hair versus the $380 a local supplier charges, saving 117%.

Missy Lox offers a great range of colours, the hair is really natural looking and the tape extensions are the best I’ve seen in 6 years. The overnight delivery is awesome and the customer service is great… Missy Lox are always there to answer the phone.

I’m particularly impressed with their refund policy – where clients have changed their minds, we got a no questions asked refund.”

Kylie Joseph – Platinum Hair Studio, Mawson, ACT

“I’ve been using Missy Lox for about 2 Years and love the quality of the hair which is much better than the competition’s. Their extensions look great after 8 months whereas hair from other suppliers looks ratty after 3 months and needs to be replaced.

And I get real value for money. I’ve paid over $500 for a set of poor quality extensions, and only $155 to $185 for theirs!

I like dealing with an Australian company. They have been incredibly helpful and their fast delivery is fantastic. In 24 months nothing has gone wrong. They have been 100% consistent.”

Sherie Mason, Hairdresser in Adelaide

“I’ve been using extensions for about 10 years, used lots of suppliers and hairdressers and paid thousands of dollars.

I used to purchase my extensions from a local supplier in Adelaide, but wasn’t happy with their quality. Missy Lox is 110% better!

The hair I used to use got knotty and yucky after 2 to 3 months. Missy Lox lasts a good 8 to 12 months which is a huge difference. I also dye my extensions – the ones I’m wearing now have been in 4 months, been dyed 3 times and are still silky soft.

The tapes they use don’t wash out unlike some of their competitors where I’ve had 3 to 4 wash out in the first wash. A friend who had their extensions in for 16 weeks came in the other day with a bald patch where her niece had grabbed her extensions and pulled hard – ripping out her real hair as the tape was so strong.

Delivery is fast, I can order by 3pm and have a guaranteed delivery the next day. And when a delivery went missing, they were really accommodating and sent me another one the next day – without charge! Fantastic customer service.”

Jade Elston – Adelaide

“Missy Lox are possibly the best suppliers I’ve ever worked with – so I’m a bit of a fan!

Delivery is perfect as orders get delivered the next day and I have never been let down by delivery failure. Once a delivery didn’t get there on time, they couriered the product out and it still arrived on time for me to serve my client!

Missy Lox try harder in regards to customer service, remember people, are aware that I am the client and pay the bills. I know from personal experience, some in the industry are not quite as polite/accommodating and helpful as the Missy Lox team.”

Estelle Mitchell – Tress Hair, Paddington, NSW